Emergency Instruction

If you are in an emergency risking your safety, please do the following:

  • Contact the Swedish national emergency line 112. It is free of charge and you can use a landline or a mobile to get to the local emergency, police, ambulance or fire brigade. AT your call, you will be asked about the service you need, your name and the nature of what had happened and the number of the phone you are calling from. You can ask for an interpreter for the call.
  • If you fall under any aggression, you MUST immediately contact the embassy on  : +46720022239 
    , and ask the operator or receptionist to talk to the Consular to get the necessary help.
  •  In case of arrest you have the right to phone the Embassy to inform the Consular or the person-on-call of your full name and place, the name of the police station  where you are detained  and the reason for arrest so that  the Embassy will take the necessary measures.

Remember: do NOT talk with anybody nor give any statements until you have a solicitor as any statements you make can be used against you at court.

PS: In case you are summoned to attend court, you must attend court with the solicitor at the fixed court time, lest you will be sentenced in absentia.

In case you are unable to contact the Embassy for any reason, all NATIONALS can contact the Qatari MOFA on the following emergency lines:
+974 40111000
+974 40111140
+974 40111104
Free line: 0080008000100