Do and Don't

Crime in Sweden

Identity and passport

  • Identity theft is becoming common in Sweden. If your identity and your bank details are stolen, others can illegally claim your credit cards or they can shop pretending to be the owners. You have to be careful using ATM (cash machines) and when filling forms online.
  • If you ever fall victim to identity or passport theft, you must report that  to the Embassy to take the necessary measures. (See Consulate service) PS: if you are staying in a hotel, you must keep your passport at the hotel’s central safe.
  •  Be careful NOT to carry other people’s identity paper with you, including the wife’s, as you might risk the charge of possession of or stealing others’ identity documents. This applies to all your family members, your employees or others except for underage children.
  •  Do not let your passport or identity card collateral for loans with anyone whatever the case.

ATM (cash machines)

  • Do not carry around large amounts of money, jewelry or precious things while on the move. Credit cards are a good replacement.
  •  A few tips to bear in mind while you are using your credit or borrowing cards at an ATM (cash machine) to prevent card details theft or misuse:
    • Immediately inform the bank if you lose your card or when you think it was stolen so the bank will prevent any possible abuse. Some banks might charge you if you do not report immediately.
    • Always conceal your PIN when using the ATM (cash machine). Make sure you always do this secretly.
    • Keep aware of your surroundings when using an ATM and wait until your transaction is fully completed/.

Car Security

  • Always secure the car doors  locked and windows shut.
  •  Do NOT leave your belongings at public display as it might attract thieves. This could be anything from CD player to a bag or even a jacket or coat.
  • Do NOT leave your car documents inside your car. You should rather keep them at your home.

Mobile phones

  • Hide your mobile phone. Do NOT show it off. If you do not need it, do not use it.
  • Try to avoid using your mobile phone at public places in the night. It can easily attract muggers.
  • Do NOT tie your mobile phone around your neck or belt.
  • If you are using your mobile publically, keep good attention to your surroundings.
  • Do not leave your mobile easily reachable to thieves.
  • You can insure your mobile phone in case it is damaged, lost or stolen. Carefully read the insurance policy’s terms and conditions.